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Energy Savings You Can Count On 

Glass... It's everywhere! A beautiful feature in our daily surroundings, adding exciting elements to modern architect, creating space and bringing natural light to our everyday environment. However, all that glass has its price.. It allows the sun's damaging UV radiation in, its annoying glare, excessive heat and increasing energy costs. 

Typical standard glass windows contribute to high levels of heat gain during the summer season and heat loss during the winter months,

which means extra energy loads on your heating and cooling system year round.

You can fight back and control these elements...

Controlling UV

Your interior decorating investment took extensive planning, but that investment can quickly be spoiled by very damaging UV radiation, light and heat.. Which also contribute to fading and premature aging of furnishings, artwork and flooring.

SunGard and Madico window films impede the damaging effects of the sun by reducing UV radiation up to 99 percent, and controls excessive heat and light to protect and prolong the life of your investment.

Feeling Safe and Secure

The risk of personal injury due to a glass related accident should weigh heavy on the mind of any business or property owner.

SunGard and Madico window films help hold a broken pane of glass together, keeping dangerous shards attached to the film's adhesive system. 

Backed by many nonprofit consumer safety organizations, window films are a very effective way to protect against glass related injuries.

Window film also adds increased protection against natural disasters and criminal activities. Ask about our Glass Guard safety and security films.

Commercial Benefits

Here's a comforting thought.. Better productivity. It's a fact. Excessive heat and glare can create an unproductive work environment. 

SunGard and Madico window films reduce heat and help control temperature in balances throughout any office space or workplace. 

By minimizing excessive glare, employees can enjoy natural light without being distracted by it. 

First Impressions Are Everything

Look at many buildings, and what do you see through the windows? Blinds half open.. Sometimes broken. You will see messy computer equipment and electrical cords. Window film adds style, distinction and value to your property by creating uniformity to the exterior appearance.

Our window films are available in a variety of shades and styles and can coordinate with any architectural requirement. 

SunGard and Madico window films can greatly enhance the appearance

 of schools, hospitals, office buildings, restaurants, hotels and retail stores.

Thoughts To Leave You With

SunGard window films are composed of thin layers of metalized and dyed optically clear polyester laminate with special adhesives. The film is protected by a durable, scratch resistant coating. The film is generally installed to the inside of the windows and doors, offering immediate protection from the harmful and uncomfortable effects of the sun. The Tint Shop is a certified pro dealer and is professional qualified to help you select the right film for your personal needs. We are equipped to provide building engineers, architects and managers with 

detailed technical specifications as required.

SunGard and Madico architectural window films are guaranteed to provide:

Lower heating and cooling costs

* Increased occupant comfort

* Protection against fading

* Enhanced beauty of any property

Increased safety and security

Our window films are available in many shades and colors, and are backed by a strong manufacturers warranty.